Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA Fresh Milk

£5,323.44 (£6,388.13 inc. VAT)

Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA Milk Includes the Milk Fridge with a one year warranty (Can be extended at an extra Charge POA)

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Code X1MIA
Weight 41.3kg
Height 743mm
Width 567mm
Depth 505mm

Water Filter

Product Description

Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA

Brochure: COFFETEK_VITRO X1 MIA_UK_848005312104




The Vitro X1 MIA is an elegant and contemporary looking compact coffee machine, which delivers a consistent, high standard coffee experience.

The machine offers a wide range of drinks, from a single espresso to a variety of fresh milk speciality coffee’s, thanks to the innovative patented micro-injected air technology (MIA). It is designed to deliver a barista result by only the touch of a button or contactless selection with Coffeteks distance selection option activated.

From a velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam, we are confident it will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding consumers.

MIA Technology:


  • Minimum noise
  • The capacity is unlimited
  • Offers cold (non-heated) and Hot milk beverages
  • Does not require security/regulatory pressure checks
  • Temperature control: Always the same (adjustable 60-75°C)
  • Better energy efficient
  • Minimum maintenance as scale is not generated in the steam boiler



  • External Bean Hopper 1.2kg and two Canisters (soluble milk and chocolate)
  • Single Bean
  • Distance Selection included
  • 12 selections
  • Hot or Cold milk dispense
  • V30 brewer
  • Smart Fridge – keeps optimal temperature
  • Machine includes cleaning solution for the MIA module. It is compulsory to use the cleaning agents recommended by Azkoyen to keep the warranty. We supply three units within the price
  • Warranty  – One Year (Can be extended)



  • Automatic cleaning 5 minutes after last drink dispense
  • Just 1 minute to activate the cleaning and during 10 minutes the machine does the cleaning



  • It is recommended that the machine is always installed with a waste kit, especially for liquids as there is a constant cleaning of the milk circuit


Coffetek will only sell the machines to a certified partner. To become a certified partner a set of below conditions must be met:



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