Bespoke Vending

We have a lot of experience in supplying machines for very unique and varied projects. From PR stunts to farms shops and everything in between.

Over the years we have been asked to supply machines for all sorts for unique and varied projects. It is now rare that anything surprises us. Examples include…

Unmanned farm shops vending empty glass milk bottles for customers to then fill with fresh milk onsite or machines to buy bacon, eggs etc for your Sunday breakfast

Machines to be placed in public sites such as shopping centres to create interest in new consumer goods – sometimes with some social media feedback involved

Machines in luxury retail stores housing smaller items to free up sales staff elsewhere and make a quick ‘on the way home’ present purchase that bit easier.

PPE machines which allow management to monitor and audit the items that staff use which considerably reduces wastage and therefore drastically cuts costs.

Sports and leisure facilities offering a mix of healthy drinks as well as sporting items items such as tennis balls, goggles etc.

With the range of flexible machines on the market today it is rare that we come across an idea that cannot be brought to life.