Coffetek Vitro S1 IN

£1,557.09 (£1,868.51 inc. VAT)

TANK FILL MACHINES – Must use filtered water to maintain the warranty, and Hygiene considerations.

Cash or Card Payment systems – Prices on request.

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Code VS1
Weight 26.1 kg
Width 305mm

Base Cabinet

Plumbed or Tank

S1 Delivery

Water Filter

Product Description


The Vitro S1 Instant has been designed to fit the smallest spaces, it is an autonomous automatic coffee machine
including four soluble products as standard – providing the consumer with a varied selection of hot beverages to
choose from.

The Vitro optimised soluble technology ensures that every soluble product is mixed at the ideal speed.
The Vitro mixing bowl is developed to obtain a crema from soluble coffee, whereas the soluble milk system
assures that milk is served with the desired consistency for every recipe.

Technical features
0.315 litres Pressure Boiler capacity
1.1 kW Max. power Pressure Boiler
0.8 Bar Min. / 10 Bar Max. Water Pressure
Machine Capcity
Instant Coffee
Decaf Coffee
Powdered Milk
400 g / 250 cups
400 g / 250 cups
600 g / 150 cups
800 g /40 cups