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Azkoyen Vitro M5+cup
Code M5FM
Weight 65kg
Height 775mm
Width 480mm
Depth 590mm

Coffetek Vitro M5 Milk Includes the Milk Fridge

Water Filter

Cashless Card Reader

Mini Cashless Payment Pod

Product Description

Coffetek Vitro M5

Brochure: VITRO M5

We have included the latest technology in the Vitro M5 in order to obtain delicious, consistent and perfect drinks, increasing the satisfaction of your customers or employees and minimising
the time you have to spend on maintenance.

Vitro M5 is a robust coffee machine that is capable of delivering 250+ drinks per day if required.
You will be able to offer a full selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks, from velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam to
satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers.
Vitro M5 is very easy to re-programme and you can adapt any recipe to suit the tastes of your customers. You can select the order in which each ingredient is
poured into the cup, specify whether you want the milk to be liquid or foamed and hot or cold, and the amount of foam you want for each option. Your recipe will
be made with precision, cup after cup.


The Vitro M5 adapts to the needs and preferences of offices, hotels, service stations, convenience stores and other Coffee-to-Go establishments thanks to its wide range of delicious drinks and its
attractive design in high quality materials such as stainless steel and glass.
To help you focus on your customers who are the most important part of your business, we have created a reliable, high-capacity, high-productivity machine that is easy to maintain and clean.

For stand-alone operation, the Vitro M5 allows the inclusion of a cashless system or a separate change giver pod. In addition, it is compatible with the Pay4Vend application that
allows payment to be made directly from a mobile phone.


The Vitro M5 is fitted with the patented AZK V30 espresso brewer.
The AZK V30 coffee unit is able to adjust each recipe to your customer’s preferences, with the possibility of setting a weight of between 7 and 14 grams of coffee.
The adjustable espresso system offers the option of dispensing various sizes of coffee in the same machine, with the absolute certainty of serving the optimum amount
and quality of coffee in each serving.

The Vitro M5 incorporates a fast, safe and extremely user-friendly automatic process that ensures perfect cleaning of the fresh milk system.
After each service and five minutes after the last one, the Vitro M5 automatically releases water under pressure through all the pipes to remove any traces of milk that may have been
deposited inside.
A manual cleaning process with a cleaning product is scheduled every 24-48 hours and is carried out in a safe and very simple way. The cycle lasts 10 minutes and it takes just 1 minute to activate
the process.
In addition, for the safety of your customers, the Vitro M5 will warn you that you should clean the milk tank if the machine has been off for more than six hours or if the milk cooler sensor has
detected that the temperature has been above 8ºC for more than 8 hours.

Product Capacity

Coffee beans 2200 g
Decaffeinated coffee 450 g (1.8 l)
Soluble milk 2000 g (4.2 l)
Chocolate 2300 g (4.2 l)

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