Terms & Conditions

Apogee International Limited

(Company Registration Number In England – 2987245)


All prices are quoted in £Sterling, which is the currency for all payments. All quotations are valid for 30 days from the date shown on the quote. All prices are exclusive of VAT which would be charged at the local rate. All orders should state the VAT coding for the site. The invoice will be raised on the delivery date, and will be due for payment within thirty days from that date. Apogee holds the right to charge £99 + VAT per item for delivery for any bills not paid within the allotted 30 days. The equipment will remain the property of Apogee International Limited & until we have received payment in full. In the event of a dispute relating to an item or items on an invoice, the balance shall be payable on all other items in accordance with the standard conditions of payment. Cancelled orders which have been accepted by official order, would attract a 5% restocking charge, no matter how occasioned. In the event of a dispute this contract is subject to English law. E & O.E

Companies need to be cautious about releasing equipment to new customers. Plus we are penalised by our suppliers for cancelled orders, or orders under review. Therefore, we request a 25% deposit with order sent from their official bank account. The balance to be paid prior to delivery. Any defaults and the deposit is forfeit. Smaller items must be paid in full by Pro Forma Invoice with the order. Unfortunately, there can be no exemptions. Official orders constitute an agreement to all these Terms & Conditions


We offer various Cashless Payment Systems, Credit, Debit Card, Tap&Go, plus Mobile Phone payment systems. We only provide the Hardware, all financial and contractual details are with the provider you choose. Most have a monthly SIM card cost to access the system (with a Back Office Facility for auditing). Transaction charges vary from 2%-6% depending on the provider. The lower charges, however usually have a connection fee which is levied by the Merchanting Services Provider (e.g Elavon). These charges are out of our hands.


Delivery of the equipment will be to the site address as stated on the official order. Any deviation may be chargeable. Delivery is included as long as the invoice is paid within the allotted 30 Days, £99.00 + VAT per item thereafter. Deliveries will normally be made to the site by the local dealer/manufacturer. This is included in the machine price, unless a timed delivery is requested by the client. The cost of a timed delivery is usually £140.00 + VAT per delivery. Deliveries shall be deemed to have been accepted unless notice of faults or omissions is reported in writing to Apogee International Ltd Head Office, within 24 hours of the delivery. Deliveries to Central London will attract an £8.00 congestion charge per unit. Please be advised that if a parking ticket is received during delivery/uplift the customer will be liable for payment plus admin cost of £27 per ticket. Any aborted or cancelled deliveries and/or installations are chargeable. Any planned delivery that has to be aborted within 24 hours of said delivery will be charged at £100 per machine. Especially, if sites not ready or the leasing paperwork not returned on time or incorrect items or rejection by the Leasing Company for last minute changes.


Once the equipment has been delivered to site, the installation will normally be carried out within three days, by request. The price for installing the vending machines is included in the machine price, provided a valid service agreement is signed prior to installation.  Should this not be the case, each machine is charged at £125.00 + VAT. All valid service invoices sent out and paid, constitute an implied contract for both parties peace of mind. All contracts that are terminated early will attract this charge as the contract was NOT fully carried through, plus any residual payments due. Any aborted installations due to sites not being ready or incorrect or no ingredients are chargeable at our current rates. Any equipment delivered and invoiced as INSTALLATION ONLY, means exactly that. There is no labour element should the machine require a service call after installation. That is the reason why service contracts are offered. Once declined Caveat Emptor is activated. All cabling for the vending machines and any cashless system is carried out by the customer or their contractor; we hold no responsibility for such items. All electrical & plumbing work for the vending machines and ice makers is carried out by the customer or their contractor. It is incumbent on the client to take safety precautions by adding surge breakers, where is it known that power fluctuations and surges may occur. All suggested water & electrical fittings suggested by Apogee, should be seen as the minimum requirement. If these items are not correct, when we endeavour to install, we hold the right to charge for an aborted installation until it is confirmed the correct specifications have been achieved.


Distributor & Wholesale clients must ensure that they use fully manufacturer trained technicians for installation and maintenance to fulfil
manufacturer’s warranty and support conditions. It is incumbent on them to also ensure, only trained and registered engineers communicate with the manufacturers for any support telephone calls. Should a manufacturer’s technician be requested to visit a machine onsite, and the Distributor does not have a currently trained engineer available, Apogee will offer to send a trained engineer from another service company to accompany the Manufacturer’s Technician. This of course would be chargeable. Machines are purchased with a parts only warranty. Should the machine break at any point after installation then please refer to the manufacturer for spare parts. Full terms of conditions for each manufacturer’s warranty and/or replacement policies are available from the appropriate company. Second Hand machines are sold ‘as is’ without any warranty unless stated within our invoices.


Any machines taken onto service contracts AFTER the installation, and after the mandatory warranty period has ended, will be subject to the following proviso. All chiller & refrigeration, units & circuit boards are NOT covered on ANY type of machine. All replacement units are chargeable. These will also not be taken onto contract until we have carried out an engineer visit and report that deems the machines fit and proper. This is charged at our current call out rate plus time onsite. Overzealous use of ‘red tape’ for our engineers to get onto sites, where we have been requested to visit attract time onsite from the moment they arrive, to their leaving after the repair has been carried out. This will also be reflected in the parking charges as well. Apogee holds the right to charge for any service call outs if the service contract has not been paid for the current period. Or in case of a rental, uplift the equipment at the client’s cost. All third party payment systems, please refer back back to the manufacturer for service support, as they are NOT covered under any service contract issued by Apogee.


Apogee offers Leasing through many of the Leasing Companies such as Siemens Finance, Tower Leasing & Kennett Leasing. At the end of the Primary period, each Leasing house will invoice Apogee International Limited to reassign ownership to them as the official third party.  Therefore Apogee offer the client the opportunity to secondary rent the equipment at a greatly reduced rate or buy the machine outright at an agreed price. This can be advantageous, as many of our machines have extended parts warranties which can be beneficial as the equipment gets older. If, however, the client wishes to return the machine, it is at their expense as laid out in the original Leasing Terms & Conditions or the Secondary Rental. Apogee can offer this service at an agreed price. The Granting of Leasing facilities varies from company to company, subject to credit rating, Leasing exposure, market sector,or late dated company audits to Companies House. Many Leasing Companies charge an annual Account Admin service charge, it is usually clearly stated on their documents. All queries regarding Leasing or Leasing Documents,should in the first instance be sent in writing to the appropriate Leasing House Client Customer Services Department.


Apogee Sub Contract all their service work including installations, service visits, and service contracts. Therefore the Insurance Liability cover is covered by the appropriate sub contractor. Apogee shall not be liable for any loss of any sort whatsoever suffered by the customer as a consequence of the Equipment or any part of it being unusable for any period howsoever occasioned. WEEE regulations appertaining to the removal of old machines at the end of their useful life whether the machines were purchased for cash, rented or leased, the onus is on to the client to have the machines disposed of correctly. The cost is £250 + VAT per machine, this saves the user from being levied a fine at a later date. The Manufacturers monitor this from the original delivery name & address via serial numbers. Product Pricing and maintaining security of the equipment, its contents, and money both in the cash box and coin mechanism (float) are the responsibility of the owner or user (if leased). The same goes for any products that may be in the machine at the time of any fault. Any lost stock, money etc. should be covered under the insurance policy in force on the property. (Similar to lost stock in a freezer if the power supply is interrupted).


As postage and packaging has risen dramatically, plus many post offices can be isolated, we have a minimum invoice value of £15.00 + VAT. Reassigned Invoices are charged at the minimum order charge, or £10 per item, whichever is the greater. Apogee holds the right to charge for lost or copies of service or rental documents. An admin charge of £25.00 + VAT will be levied. If, during the contractual period, the customer issues any changes which result in Apogee incurring additional cost to fulfil the contract, we reserve the right to charge the full amount plus our admin fee back to the customer. Examples include,  i.e Company Name change, the outsourcing of the accounts department to a supplier-paid-for online system, financial checks to remain a supplier which the supplier themselves request. This takes time, and we normally levy a one off admin fee of £25 + VAT. Apogee hold the right to levy a £25 +VAT charge on service invoices not paid within 90 days. As we will have paid our subcontractors, this is only fair. All Service & rental contracts must run full term, unless requested with three months notice in writing.


We take data protection very seriously and have a detailed policy in line with the GDPR. Any data held is only for the purpose of direct transactions and trading between us and our clients. Data may be shared with third parties such as manufacturers, leasing companies and service providers as required in order to complete the transaction or provide the service as requested. No sensitive data is held and data is never sold. We take appropriate measures to ensure the security of the data held. Full policy available on request.