Jofemar Vision ES Plus

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Brochure : 09-vision-ingles BRANDING NOT INCLUDED AS PER THE PRODUCT PHOTO (Just to show what can be achieved) The Vision range offers a complete snack, food…
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Code Vision ES+
Weight 325kg
Height 1830mm
Width 803mm or 975mm
Depth 935mm

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Product Description

Brochure : 09-vision-ingles

BRANDING NOT INCLUDED AS PER THE PRODUCT PHOTO (Just to show what can be achieved)

The Vision range offers a complete snack, food and other products vending solution while guaranteeing an optimal usage of the available space.
Manufactured with the most robust materials, these models include an extra large soft delivery elevator bucket. It features EASYFLEX, an exclusive
flexible extraction system. The channels are adaptable to almost any product and packaging thanks to the innovative Jofemar design, which
significantly increases the overall vending capacity. Optionally, a banknote reader and telemetry can be fitted.

VISION E-S/ VISION E-S PLUS. Slave vendors (with and without extra large elevator bucket) to significantly increase the number of channels and storage
capacity as they can be connected to a master machine or to a master payment module. Ambient version is available for both vendors.
PAYMENT POD. Side detached master module to control up to a combination of 4 slave vendors type Vision ES and/or Vision ES Plus.

• Flexible setup and programming. Its channel adjustment system allows incorporating new products at any time without using tools.
• FIFO (First In First Out) System. Continuous renewal with the freshest product. Product dispensing according to loading order.
• Adjustable motor torque for each selection.
• Continuous performance self-testing.
• Health timer to prevent selling of out-of-date product.
Programmable expiration date by selection or channel.
• LED lighting with on/off programming.
• Energy-saving LED lighting.
• Available with MDB or Executive vending protocols.
• Modular cabinet structure, treated against rust and corrosion.
• Gusset closing and three anchor points, with security lock and vandal-proof strip.
• High-capacity cash box with lock.
• Cabinet injected with insulating foam to guarantee efficient cooling and lower energy consumption.
• Advanced coin mechanism payment system with five return tubes
for up to five different coin values.
• T15 coin validator with the most reliable fraud-prevention systems.
• General on site programming with the machine’s keyboard and
the LCD screen messages.
• Telemetry by GSM or GPRS modem using the Jofemar Vending
Track software. Includes data accounting, sales, incidences, prices, programming options or SMS to mobile phones in case of sold out
• Banknote reader.
• Jofemar J130 card/key reader or any card reader that uses the MDB protocol.
• Pop-up billboard advertisement. Extensible panel with the elevator movement in the ComboPlus and Multiseller models.
• Vandal-proof coin entry option.
• Microwave ovens detached column for master machines. Selfactivated when a product has been dispensed from the master
machine. Individually heating time is programmed per selection.


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803mm or 975mm