Farm Shops

Various options available to create an unattended farm shop.

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Product Description

Over the last year we have worked with a large number of farmers to supply equipment to help them set up unattended farm shops. Whilst this was something we had experience of pre 2020 we have seen a huge increase for obvious reasons.

These shops have proved very successful with farms returning for additional machines to keep up with demand and as they have new ideas of products to vend. The trend towards shopping local and direct from the producer is growing and is one we are pleased to be involved in. The machines we supply for this are fully flexibile and customisable onsite meaning the farms can sell different products according to availability, the seasons and promotions. Payment is entirely cashless meaning no money is left onsite creating a security risk.

Ideas of some of the items sold in these shops include milk, empty bottles for dispensing raw milk into, other dairy products, fresh meat, cured meats eggs, cakes, chutney, ready meals etc.