Coffetek Zensia SFB

£3,464.91 (£4,157.89 inc. VAT)

Coffetek Zen SFB

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Weight 151kg
Height 1830mm
Width 600mm
Depth 625mm

Water Filter

Cashless System

Cashless Factory Fitting

Product Description


Zensia – The automatic Barista arrives for vending

Offer a wide menu of delicious beverages. Zensia brings you a full range of delicious coffee shop style drinks. Whether you want the true taste of espresso, a freshly brewed leaf tea or something a little more indulgent, Zensia has it all to offer. Available in two configurations, instant coffee and leaf tea or espresso with leaf tea. Both models have a fully automatic cup dispense system offering 7, 9 or 12 oz cups.

Attractive and customisable:the centre of attention.Finished in stunning ebony gloss Zensia will compliment any environment grabbing the attention of potential consumers.The design is minimalist, ergonomic and intuitive.• Exclusive back-lit keypad with screen effect.• Customisable: Front and decals.

Distance Selection Technology: Frictionless user experience.Our elegant interface provides up to 20 beverage options on a user-friendly selection panel equipped with the patented Distance Selection Technology allowing a touchless selection at a distance of up to 2 cm.

Modular solutions. Choose the perfect combination for your establishment, combining the snack/food Mistral+ models with Zensia.The hot drinks equipment can operate as control module using a connection kit. The Mistral+ products are dispensed by choosing the selection via the Zensia. This way you can save space as the Mistral+ independent payment module is not required and choose the snack/food products using the Distance Selection Technology.