Apogee Corporate

For nearly 20 years Apogee International Ltd has been supplying a full range of vending equipment including coffee machines and snack and cold drink vendors to the UK and European markets.

“Our aim is simple… to source the best buying prices available and pass the savings on to you. Not only will we save you money, but by using technology to the fullest, we will save you time and effort as well. ”

“Although a small family business, we serve a wide range of clients, from hotel groups, caterers and government departments to leisure and spa facilities, schools and colleges, corporate offices and many more.

Our clients include: Avis, Baxter Storey, BSKYB, BUPA, Catermasters, Channel 4, Charlton House, Easyjet, Easy Hotel, Electrolux, E.ON Energy, H.M Government Departments, Holiday Inn, Marriott International, , Mitchells & Butlers, Paramount Pictures, Pfizer, Ryannair, The Sanctuary, Universal Music & Pictures and various universities, schools and colleges.


With over 40 years experience, we can assist you with individual projects, product testing, product launches, market advice and ‘route to market’ .

Want a cashless system which is linked into your staff ID cards, payroll, purchasing system etc?
Cashless Systems can be a headache, after all, EVERY requirement is UNIQUE, and complex. We, however have the greatest ‘Ace’ of all up our sleeve – David Wood our C.E.O. What he doesn’t know about cashless, hasn’t been written. Call him on 0845 345 3255

Need a vending solution for a non food item – PPE, Stationery, Gifts, DIY items, Sports centre goods, etc. All sorts of things are possible.
Call us for more examples or to challenge us with a new type of vending solution.

Not sure where to source your ingredients…
With so many ingredients suppliers in the market, we carry out regular ‘product testing’ (it’s a tough job!!) and pride ourselves on only recommending the most suitable ingredients and snacks for your individual vending needs . So whether it is coffee or tea for your beverage machine, crisps, snacks and cans for merchandisers, healthy items suitable for schools, or delivered fresh food items for your food machine we will meet your requirements.

Like the idea of someone else cleaning and stocking your machines?
We can offer a fully managed operating service relieving you of the need to employ staff and hold stock your vending equipment. So whether it be for drinks, confectionery, snacks, chilled cans or freshly prepared food items, please contact us for help and support.


As well as just selling equipment we also offer additional products and services such as cashless systems, non-food vending solutions, ingredient advice and machine operating. (For more info see our consultancy page)”

So whether you want to know the ins and outs of starting a new vending operation, or are a seasoned ‘expert’ with a few questions about new machines or improved services, Apogee has the knowledge and experience to help.