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Crane Vision 300 13amp

Crane Vision 300 13amp

Code CMS V330
Weight 35 kg
Height 680mm
Width 295mm
Depth 487mm

Crane Vision 300 13amp

Water Filter

Product Description


The choice of drinks available from the Crane Vision 3oo 13amp is unlimited, even drinks containing sugar can now be dispensed. Selection buttons are configurable to any mix of the ingredients contained in the machine, allowing drink combinations to be developed specific to customer requirements in a choice of cup, mug jug sizes. The two models available provide a choice of up to 11 hot  selections.
Drink selection flexibility guarantees a wide choice of quality hot beverages
Optimised drink presentation achieved through control of whipping time
Simple, user friendly single button drink selection
Quick and simple to clean / replenish
Choice of boiler elements – single, double triple
Jug facility
Base Cabinets
The compact footprint of the Vision range makes the machine ideally suited to sit on a work top in a hotel, bar or office. However for sites where no counter top is available an optional base cabinet can be provided which is perfect for providing storage space for ingredients. Base cabinets are available in various sizes to accommodate the machines with and without a condiment stand 

Coffee Black Coffee. A long smooth medium strength beverage suitable for all day drinking
Tea A delicious cup of tea, freshly prepared
Cappuccino Rich aromatic espresso combined with hot milk and a foamed head
Chocolate A full cup of freshly whipped hot chocolate
Caffe Mocha A full cup of indulgent coffee, chocolate and milk with a foamed head
Café-au-Lait A long, smooth coffee beverage made with milk
Espresso An intense, aromatic short coffee traditionally enjoyed with sugar. Not for the faint hearted!
Doppio Espresso A Double ‘hit’ of rich intense dark aromatic coffee. For true espresso lovers
Caffe Latte A long, mild, milky drink made with a hint of coffee
Hot Water A portion controlled hot water selection

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