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Coffetek Vitale IN

Weight 19.2 kg
Height 590mm
Width 305mm
Depth 410mm

TANK FILL MACHINES – Must use filtered water to maintain the warranty, and Hygiene considerations.

Water Filter

Cashless System – Factory Fit

Delivery *

Plumbed or Tank

Base Cabinet

Product Description

BROCHURE: Black Vitale Brochure A4_Coffetek Limited


Following the standards set by the most renowned espresso connoisseurs, Vitale can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with outstanding consistency and quality.
With Vitale you will enjoy a perfect balance of body, cream, aroma and flavour from the first to the last cup. Vitale guarantees the correct temperature of the first service.

Up to 7 product selections: Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte
te, Chocolate, Cafe Mocha and hot water for tea infusion drinks. Sugaris also available in the instant model.
AquaAroma filters from Brita are fitted to enhance the Coffee quality and
improve the taste.

A state of the art automatic dispenser with a stunning contemporary design.
Simple quick change graphic system.
Intuitive user interface with a blue backlit display providing user instructions.
Chrome plated back-lit selection buttons.

Vitale fascias

Over 60 years of accumulated knowledge combined with AZKOYEN programme of continuous investment in R&D and the latest production techniques, means peace of mind in terms of reliability.
The same robust components as those developed for the professional operating market.

Direct access to key parts

Modular construction for easy maintenance

Easy to refill coffee beans
and soluble ingredients

Electronic control of water level and easy removal of the water tank

Easy disposal of coffee grouts through removable tray

AquaAroma water filter system from Brita to reduce scale deposits and reduce maintenance costs

Blue LCD display to indicate diagnostic information such as low water, coffee sold out and grout tray full.

Exact price with a validator.
MDB change giver.
Cashless system (key, card…).
PROXY Product Recharge Card, developed by AZKOYEN.
Resets machine once present ingredient thresholds have been reached

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