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First Port of Call for Bespoke Vending

Most Snack machines (Merchandisers) can be optimised to vend ‘odd sized objects’. Some machines are better than others, the Jofemar range, is so flexible, and is it any wonder we sell more of them than others.

When we are approached, we ask a few simple questions to see if we can fulfil the enquiry direct, i.e. select a machine, optimise the loading, fit specialist payment systems, and ‘wrap’ the machines in the branding required.

If the requirement is more complex, and requires ‘massive’ touch screens and ‘bespoke’ software so they can be used by social media, or extra audit facilities, we pass the lead to our ‘specialist partners’, of which we have three.

We don’t take a ‘finder’s fee’, as our partners buy their machines through our International supply agreements, with extended warranties and ultra-slick support.

We work with the following manufacturers, and we have used many of their machines for such projects. Coffetek, Crane, Darenth, Evoca, and Jofemar.

The latter (Jofemar) produce machines which have conveyor & soft delivery systems, plus the option of larger bin doors for larger items. By not using spirals for delivery, the flexibility of the range of items is increased exponentially.

We are now being called regularly by prospective clients, so, with our two options, we should be able to fulfil requirements.

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